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Ashtrays aren’t often the most glamorous or interesting smoking accessory to think about, yet they are certainly a “must have” for those of us that smoke herb, cigarettes or cigars on a regular basis. As a smoker, an ashtray is likely your favorite companion, keeping ash where it belongs and ensuring the safety of your cigarettes or other medium when you need to set it down for a moment. .......

Some ashtrays for sale feature built-in options that make life a little easier and more convenient. Lighter holders and compartments can help reduce clutter and keep all the necessities for a good smoking session in one place (i.e. lighters, rolling papers, weed, marijuana and more).

Check out our selection of premium and affordable ashtrays for sale today, and find the perfect fit for your style and needs.

Use Of Astray

Although in recent years smoking has become frowned upon, since it kills you (or whatever the doctors say), ashtrays have somewhat remained a symbol of high class. Cutting edge, modern ashtrays are still being designed by artists, while vintage ashtrays have become a collector’s item, especially pieces from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, when cigarettes were in their prime. Even if you don’t smoke, an ashtray can be used as a decoration or a convenient holder for your thumb tacks.

Whatever you want to use it for, even if it’s to put your cigarettes in, here are The 25 Coolest Ashtrays You Can Buy Right Now. Your guests will definitely be impressed if you whip out a smoke and start to ash in one of these bad boys. Enjoy.

About this item

  • Include: 2 Pieces glass ashtray for cigarettes
  • Material: The Fargus glass ashtrays are meticulously designed and manufactured from high quality, thick, sturdy and heavy glass. They have smooth, simple, solid and shiny surface. Easy to clean. Handwash recommended for the colored ashtrays.
  • Size: 4.2 inches diameter, 1.4 inches height and 0.55 lbs. 4 cigarettes rests. Grooves fit perfectly with cigarettes to prevent cigarettes from dropping into the ashes or on the table. The ashtrays are large enough to accommodate a couple of smokers.
  • Style: Looks simple but classy, modern and practical. You will feel the glamorous elegancy of the glass. Decorate your home, porch, kitchen, balcony, office, patio… Great for daily use, hotels, bars, restaurants, outdoors, cafes, outdoor entertaining or home decorations.
  • Packaging & Gift idea: Ash trays are carefully wrapped with polly-pack and placed in a cute and sturdy box. Not only a glass ashtray but also a unique decorative complement. A nice gift for both smokers and non-smokers, men or women.

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