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A cannabis grinder or herb grinder is one of the most useful and loved smoking accessories available for every stoner. Grinders help you grind and shred your chosen spice, dry herb, or buds to perfection, so you can easily handle and safely manage them. They usually consist of several parts, come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs, and are available as a 2, 3, 4, and even a 5 piece grinder. They d are constructed from a number of durable materials including acrylic plastic, aluminum, zinc alloy, stone, and wood. They are used by smokers around the world who either roll their ground herbs in rolling papers, use bongs, vaporizers, dab pens, pipes, vape pens or bubblers. We offer a wide range of budget and high-quality cannabis grinders all for an affordable price. Our range includes grinders that feature a see-through window lid, have extra sharp teeth for a smooth grinding action, and come with pollen catcher sections to collect your precious Kief. We also stock grinders that include storage compartments, and even grinders with a hand crank. .......

Advantages of using a herb grinder

Grinders are portable, easy to use, and take the hassle out of breaking up your bud to produce ground herbs. Using a herb grinder as a smoker gives you many great benefits. As mentioned, your herb will be ground to perfection and ready to use in a matter of seconds. Another advantage of using a grinder is that some herb grinders offer a pollen screen that filters out collects your kief. You can use this kief for spicing up a roll-up, or for making your own edibles. Next to that, some of the grinders we offer also have a small storage compartment where you can safely keep your herb in. Nearly all grinders come with a nylon friction ring for a smoother twisting action. This is extremely useful for medical patients or smokers who normally struggle to break up their buds by hand.

Herb grinders for sale

It isn’t necessary to use a herb grinder, but it makes everything a lot easier for you. At Grasscity, we offer different types of herb grinders made of different kinds of materials. We offer metal herb grinders made from anodized CNC aluminum grinder and stainless steel. Because of the materials, it’s made with, the metal herb grinders are seen as the most durable grinders available on the market today. Next to that, we also offer acrylic herb grinders that may come with clear top that allows you to see grinded weed. These grinders are cheaper than metal grinders but are also durable and easy to clean. If you’re looking for a simplistic grinder, then you should take a look at our wooden herb grinders! Most of the time, Wooden grinders are two-piece designs with steel pins, and they do precisely what they need to do! Other grinders with classic looks are our stone herb grinders. The stone grinders are easy to use and feel comfortable in your hands. Our crank herb grinders are a perfect tool for those who struggle with using regular handheld grinders due to medical conditions. Next to these grinders, you can check out our section of cool herb grinders, our cheap herb grinders, the magnetic herb grinders, and our herb graters. If you want an automatic grinder, check our electric grinder collection. For stealth and easy carrying, grinder cards can be carried within your wallet. Just browse through our assortment and find the grinder that matches your needs!

Different Types of Grinders

There are not only different grinder materials, but there are also different types of grinders. We can split them up into:

  • 2 piece grinders: these are the most straightforward weed grinders. Classic weed grinders do what they need to do and grind and collect all the tobacco, weed, marijuana, or herbs.
  • 3 piece grinders: these grinders have a built-in screen for collecting all the kief and finer particles.
  • 4 piece grinder: the four piece grinders do have a built-in pollen screen, like the 3 piece grinders, but they also have a catcher. Most 4-part grinders also contain a scraper for collecting your herbs and trichomes. These are large grinders within our herb grinder collection.

A 2-part herb grinder is certainly enough to get the job done, but if you’re a more frequent smoker, try investing in a 3-part or a 4-part grinder, many of which come with built-in pollen screens and kief catchers to help make your herb go even further. Some grinder models have a window in the lid so that you can watch the bud-busting action, or even a mechanical crank to turn rather than working the grinder the old-fashioned way. Many have magnets installed in the grinding compartment to keep the lid securely attached while allowing free motion of the two grinding halves. When choosing your grinder, notice which type of teeth it has. They will normally be either diamond-shaped, shark teeth-shaped, or steel pin teeth. It’s a matter of preference, just like the look and the material of your grinder.

The Best Cannabis Grinder brands

You won’t be short on choice here – Grasscity carries an unmatched range of new products including top grinders from all the top brands, including Kannastör Grinders, Famous Brandz, Santa Cruz Shredder, Cali Crusher, Sharpstone and many more. We’re always on the lookout for up-and-coming names in the industry, focusing on finding the best American products that offer the most value for your money.
It comes down to personal preference; regardless of which grinder you choose, you’re sure to get the job done. Take your time exploring and find something you’ll be proud to bust out!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Herb Grinders

What is a herb grinder used for?

Herb grinders are made as a tool to shred your favorite herb. It’s perfect to use when you want to smoke a pipe or want to make a roll-up. With the help of your grinder, your herb will be ready to smoke in just a few twists.

How to use a herb grinder?

Depending on the size of your flower, it is helpful to divide your herbs into 2 or 4 parts before you put them in the grinder. Grind it several times, and voilà your herbs are ready to use.

What kind of grinder should I buy?

Your choice for a new grinder depends on your demands for style and function. The essential functions to look for in a grinder are the size of the chamber, a pollen screen, and a stash box. Next to that, it’s also good to determine if you’re a frequent smoker or not. When you don’t smoke daily, maybe a cheap grinder with fewer features will be enough for you. Decide which things are important to you to make a good choice between grinders.

Shipping and returning information

Our delivery time is mostly three business days, but this can vary.  shipping information and delivery times. When it comes to shipping our products to you, your privacy matters. That’s why we made all our shipments anonymous.
If you want to return your product, do this within three business days after receiving it. We can only accept returns if the product is unused.

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