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THC 16%    CBD 1%    Terpene  Myrcene
calming and energizing

Alaskan Thunder Fuck effects are mostly energizing. not at all very high

Alaskan Thunder Fuck potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ earthy

Top Effect_ energetic


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The Alaskan Thunder fuck strain is a strain that is widely known for its creativity-inducing and happy high. It can help with conditions such as PTSD, arthritis, and migraines, so it’s great for use as a medicinal strain. It has a very unique scent, however, that combines hints of banana, orange, skunk, and diesel – so if you can get past this strange mixup you’re in for a real treat. .......

Electrify your senses with the potent Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana strain.

Said to possess unique Alaskan roots, this northern delight has grown to become world famous, not only for its explicit name, but also due to its intriguing, pleasant high. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is potent, said to hit its consumer like a bolt of lightning, but in a manner that is comforting and enjoyable. Unlike so many sativas, ATF will not leave you with the crash and burn sometimes correlated to strains of this type. Instead, get ready to become delighted by happiness and waves of creativity; this snowy strain knows how to brighten up even the harshest winters.

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What Is the Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain?

Alaskan Thunder Fuck has a few different names; sometimes referred to as simply ATF, other times called Matanuska Tundra or Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Regardless of what you choose to call this strain, many can agree upon its powerful ability to benefit both medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers alike. ATF’s name is said to originate from the Matanuska Valley region of Alaska, which explains its wordy nicknames, along with its more commonly used moniker. Legend has it, Alaskan Thunder Fuck started out as a cross between a Russian ruderalis and some type of Northern Californian sativa, but sometime in the 70s, it was further bred with the genetics of an Afghani origin, which only added to the strain’s complexity and distinct character.

 Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

alaskan thunder fuck strain

For those who like super sweet, candy, or fruity-smelling strains, Alaskan Thunder Fuck should not be your choice. This cannabis type has a classic, stinky Mary Jane scent, reeking of diesel, skunk, and pungent earthiness. The aroma of ATF is actually a turn-off for some, but its effects will honestly make up for any of the doubts you might have about its scent. Hints of pine, reminiscent of the tall growing trees of Alaska, can also be sensed, in addition to extremely subtle hints of sweetness.

The flavor of Alaskan Thunder Fuck will maybe prove to be a bit more appealing, still possessing some of the skunk and diesel, but with an added mix of spice, orange, and even banana. The taste is certainly a strange one but for those who enjoy untraditional flavors, ATF could actually prove to be quite fun and enjoyable.

Appearance-wise, the buds of this cannabis strain are beautiful, often densely packed and full of light. They are sticky to the touch, full of pale green frosty sugar leaves, blended amongst the brassy orange pistils. Those tiny curling hairs add in an extra layer of vibrancy and brilliance. On occasion, glimpses of deep purple can be observed, giving this marijuana strain plenty of the characteristics of classic weed but with an original twist.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain Effects

Considered to be an outstanding sativa, the extreme potency of Alaskan Thunder Fuck does hit pretty hard, which is in part why it has reached such notoriety and popularity around the globe. Unlike many sativas, which can over-energize and hype you out, leading to an eventual crash, ATF just isn’t like this.

It plays more with the emotions, generating happiness and uplifting sensations, which is enjoyable for just about everyone, even individuals that are not normally inclined to reach for a sativa. The buzz is immensely clear-headed, which makes it an easy choice for daytime consumption, especially as a morning pick-me-up to supplement your first cup of coffee or to maybe pair up with the caffeinated beverage. Get ready to be creative and introspective, for on top of infecting you with happiness, contentment, and good vibes, Alaskan Thunder Fuck will also give you the creative bug. Although ATF certainly will not cause couch-lock, it is said to generate the munchies for some individuals, ideal for those who find it difficult to eat a substantial breakfast or lunch in the daytime.

Medical Benefits of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain

Considering its superb abilities to regulate emotions and feelings, turning even some of the negative ones into positives, ATF does seem to work wonders as a means to minimize debilitating symptoms of mental conditions. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders can gain some relief with the help of Alaskan Thunder Fuck, all without draining any energy or creating tiredness.

On top of being used to assist with mental health, ATF is also commonly consumed as a means to relieve pain. Chronic pain, joint pain (arthritis), muscle spasms and migraines/headaches could all benefit from this strong sativa strain.

Finally, the negative effects from lack of appetite, nausea, eating disorders, fatigue/chronic fatigue, and ADD/ADHD, may be able to discover some relief with the help of Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

With such a hefty THC content, it is not difficult to over consume this cannabis type, especially if you are a novice smoker or if your condition does not call for a larger dose of THC. Those who are looking towards ATF to alleviate some of the symptoms of a mental condition, usually do well with a smaller dose. Over consuming THC tends to affect those with diagnosed mental conditions more intensely than others, so it is important to monitor potency and listen to your own body. A wise way to do so is by initially starting with just a hit or two, waiting about 10-20 minutes, and then gradually building from there if you feel like you are in need of more medicine.

Those with body-related conditions or ailments outside of the mind are normally better off with larger doses, especially for individuals managing chronic pain and other pain-related disorders.


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10 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

  1. Connor Rossi

    Awesome information. Thanks for your insight. How can I get me some. Is there a dispensary I can ch

  2. Harrison Gopinko

    Not generally a sativa guy. This weed also made me quite anxious. It didnt give me the munchies, but I felt quite energetic after this.

  3. Mikayla Frederic

    One blunt and its liftoff! Mindblowing high, euphoric and uplifting!

  4. Eliza Cunningham

    Its like smoking a pine forest!

  5. Brianna Loynes

    Heavy duty strain!

  6. Skye Whitlam

    Buds are so dense, reminds me of oldschool skunk strains. The high is amazing!

  7. Hamish Sawers

    Elevating high that doesnt let go easily. Puts you in the mood for conversation.

  8. Edward Macquarie

    Smoke is too harsh on my through, but I love this weed overall. Def try

  9. Jesse Loewe

    Perfect weed for afternoon walks down the park. Lets your mind wonder for hours.

  10. Jack Levy

    perfect for huge smoker lovely high with an earthy aroma perfect one here thanks for fast delivery.

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