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THC 19%     CBD 1%    Terpene Myrcene

Calming and Energizing
Acapulco Gold effects are mostly energizing. not at all very high
Acapulco Gold potency is higher than average.
Flavor & Aroma_ earthy
Top Effect_ energetic


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Acapulco Gold: the true treasure of Mexico. It has mysterious and somewhat unknown origins, but that doesn’t make it any less of a treat. This strain offers an incredibly energetic and euphoric high, making it a great bud for morning use. That being said, it also tastes like your morning cup o’ joe with an incredible gourmand coffee-like flavor. .......

What Is Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain?

Acapulco Gold is one of the most infamous strains in the industry. Even today after decades of existence, this sativa-dominant strain still has heads turning wherever it grows.

With a mysterious and uncertain background, nobody knows which strains Acapulco Gold came from. However, what we do know is where in the world it was born!

Originating from Acapulco in Mexico, people often associate this mouth-watering sativa with exotic climates and luxurious, hot conditions.

For this reason, the strain is harder to get hold of now than ever before. More and more people are growing it inside where the conditions are difficult to replicate.

Many users consider this an ideal choice for weed experts. This delightfully potent strain has featured in several TV programs and movies. It even has celebrity links to people such as Jack Nicholson who, according to rumors, is a big fan of this bud!

Just as popular now as it was in the 60s, High Times Magazine even named this landrace strain as one of the greatest strains of all time back in 2014!

acapulco gold cannabis strain

Acapulco Gold Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

This strain is seriously something else, with orange hairs that resemble a gold nugget and greens and browns interwoven in between. Acapulco Gold is a simply stunning looking flower.

Taken from its appearance, the name Acapulco Gold doesn’t do this plant justice. It has truly bountiful resin and a unique hue that you have to see to appreciate fully.

acapulco gold aroma, flavor, appearance

Once you have gotten over the beauty of this plant, dubbed “connoisseur pot”, the sweet and alluring aroma will quickly bowl you over. Think warm toffee and coffee undertones with a subtle pine and citrus note running through it. Acapulco Gold is rich in all of its elements, and the taste is just as delicious and mouthwatering as the smell.

With buttercream sweetness and earthy back notes, Acapulco Gold is a genuinely delicious strain that will undoubtedly have you coming back for more!

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Grow Info

Acapulco Gold’s exotic origins mean that this bud thrives in outdoor tropical conditions. We’re talking sunshine and high temperatures to get a thriving plant, which is ready to harvest by mid-late October.

Unfortunately, more growers are now moving indoors as Acapulco Gold seeds are available across the world. Although Acapulco Gold can grow well indoors, it is just a mere imitation of the original Acapulco Gold from the 60s. Indoor growers can expect the bud to flower for 70-75 days, with yields of around 16 ounces per square meter.

Experts typically consider Acapulco Gold a medium difficulty plant to grow. So, newbies to the industry who have limited gardening experience may want to stay clear of this one for now.

Although you will need to put work in to maintain this beautiful bud, it does give back! Acapulco Gold is a robust plant and is resilient to many of the common causes of plant damage such as mold, bacteria, and insects.

THC Content: Highest Test

Acapulco Gold has an average THC content of 15%. However, some samples could contain much higher levels of this cannabinoid, reaching up to 23% THC.

CBD Content: Highest Test

This strain typically contains less than 1% CBD, with average levels of around 0.7%. However, this does not mean it is lacking medicinal effects.

Medical Benefits of the Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain

grow acapulco gold

Despite its status as a luxury strain, Acapulco Gold is also extremely beneficial as a medicinal cannabis strain. With THC levels of up to 23%, it boasts many potential benefits.

Sufferers from some mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression have been known to reach for Acapulco Gold. Their aim is to benefit from its potent mental high that kicks in fast with a boost of euphoria and high-energy.

It is due to its sativa properties that Acapulco Gold is a great pain reliever, and can be used to help with muscle spasms, nausea, and inflammatory pain.

This strain’s versatility makes it an excellent all-rounder to relieve the symptoms of a host of conditions.

Acapulco Gold’s clear-headed high makes it ideal for fatigue and boosting motivation. Meanwhile, its soothing body high combats insomnia and general aches and pains.

It’s no wonder that the Oxford English Dictionary officially defined this super happy strain as a “special grade of cannabis growing in the city of Acapulco” – it really is something else.

Possible Side Effects of Acapulco Gold

Like with any strain of cannabis, too much can come with some adverse side effects. Therefore, ensuring that you stay within your limits of tolerance is key to enjoying marijuana to its full potential.


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24 reviews for Acapulco Gold

  1. Wade A. Sherwood

    Make sure that you are trying the strain. It gave me all the creativity I need for the best painting ever. I have all the energy in the world, and it taste like coffee. This is for sure something that I like and that I will recommend to anyone that is looking for a joint to relax or to get your creative juices flow.

  2. Steven M. King

    would like to grow some

  3. Joyce A. Sim

    it have a bitter, sour taste for me. Reminds me about vinegar. Something that I will not waste money on again

  4. Henry Oswalt

    If you want energy, a better mood and high at the same time, this strain is for you, just as buy weed online usa has told me

  5. Kevin Braxton

    Acapulco gold was disappointing. After reading some reviews, I tried it. I have used marijuana that was a lot better before

  6. Claudia Kenny

    I will use this forever! thank! Buy weed online usa

  7. Michael Axford

    Whoop-whoop! Were high!

  8. Tasha Jenkins

    a joint to buy for sure

  9. Christine M.

    Yes, I am high and I like every minute of it. Will recommend it to my fellow smokers

  10. Mark Vega

    The smell, and the taste let me think of coffee…..or…tea. It doesnt matter. It still taste great

  11. Ida Hardwick

    Very difficult to describe the taste and texture of this weed. My friend said something about tea, but it reminds me of honey to be honest. Its almost buttery, smooth, creamy.. Very nice indeed. I think its a legendary one, but I surely wouldnt recommend it to beginners.

  12. Carol Gonzales

    I smoked and vaped this one and both times it was quite different in terms of feel and taste with vaping being the winner. It tasted like rich creamy coffee and went very smooth down the throat, no cough and no harsh feeling. Delicious mellow high, too!

  13. Jeffrey Henry

    Tastes to me a bit sour, something like vinegar. Then, I might be the weird one. Unlike others, I felt a bit out of breath, talkative, and felt like I have an out of body experience more than anything. Great for sharing with friends.

  14. Jessie Dunbar

    Ive tried many strains so far and most of them made me even more anxious than before. This stopped when I tried Acapulco gold. I must say that I love the uplifting energy. As someone struggling with depression, sometimes its hard to get things done. This is my cure

  15. Rodney Armstrong

    The buzz is creeping, I usually have a middle-sized bowl and takes some minutes to get started

  16. Danielle Lindsay

    Uplifting sedative effects with a nice buzz. One of my favs so far

  17. Andrew Crossman

    Love this bud. Reminds me of Arnold Palmer in terms of effects, but no lemony taste

  18. Valerie Fultz

    If you get the right dose, you will have the best high ever

  19. Maria Crowe

    Helps me get the work done

  20. James Collins

    Great for mental abilities

  21. Clay King

    Pungent smell, but energizing high

  22. Georgia Baxter

    best for pain relief

  23. Kent Goss

    Acapulco Gold? My pot of gold!

  24. Raymond Brown

    Wonderful weed, love the taste

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