Avidekel CBD Strain


THC 1%

CBD 16.19%

Terpene   Myrcene

Avidekel is a dominant hybrid that will help you restored and stabilize you.


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Avidekel is a medical marijuana patient’s dream come true. This bud is a high CBD, low THC strain that has many purported health benefits. Medicinal consumers can enjoy the mild effects of this strain without worrying about experiencing an intoxicating high.

A one of a kind cannabis strain, meet the first bud offering all the benefits of marijuana, with none of the intoxicating effects!

Avidekel is a high-quality medicinal strain created by Tikun Olam, a medical marijuana research company based in Israel. The company’s name, Tikun Olam, means “repair the world.  mission is to “improve the lives of those suffering from debilitating conditions” by providing them with “innovative strains.” Avidekel is one of a number of Tikun Olam’s proprietary strains that have been developed by their team of scientists and cultivators.

Read on to find out more about this interesting medicinal strain and what it potentially has to offer to its consumers.

What Is the Avidekel Strain?

The Avidekel strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio. Avidekel is a high CBD, low THC strain developed by cannabis R & D company Tikun Olam in Israel.

This strain has been bred with medicinal patients in mind. It contains a minimal amount of THC, and most Avidekel strains will contain less than 1% of the intoxicating phytocannabinoid. With Avidekel, Tikun Olam has focussed on maximizing the strain’s CBD content.

Tikun Olam has built up a solid reputation for producing high-quality medicinal strains, and Avidekel is no exception. Avidekel was crowned High Times Cannabis Strain of The Month in July 2013. It subsequently won first prize in the Best CBD category in the Canadian Cannabis Cup in 2016.

Regular users of the strain have reported no heady high, but a relaxed and mellow sensation throughout the body. Avidekel does not cause feelings of laziness, which is why it has proven so popular amongst those who have demanding lifestyles.

While Avidekel is an indica-heavy strain, it reportedly does not cause sluggishness or couchlock. Instead, its overall relaxing effects blend nicely with a mildly uplifting feeling. .......

The Avidekel strain does not have any potent soporific effects, but it may be useful for aiding sleep. The reason for this is that Avidekel consumers say that it can cause deep relaxation. In this relaxed state, some may find it easier to get a good night’s rest.


Avidekel has a noticeable earthy and piney fragrance, which is complemented by sweeter cherry notes. This pleasant combination of aromas draws you in and keeps you coming back for more!


Avidekel’s aroma gives a good indication of how it tastes. Earthy and piney flavors, together with a subtle sweetness, make Avidekel a treat for the taste buds. Expect a gentle smoke that is smooth and rich.


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