Bacio Gelato S train


THC 24%    CBD 2%    Terpene Caryophyllene
calming and energizing

Bacio Gelato effects are mostly calming.
not at all very high

Bacio Gelato potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ vanilla

Top Effect_ aroused


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Coming from the Sherbinskis Gelato lineup, Bacio Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. With such big names influencing its genetics, Bacio Gelato comes through with a thick, creamy, and rich smoke that offers a sweet overtone. Designed with experienced consumers in mind, Bacio Gelato is one of the most potent strains in the Gelato lineup. Grab Bacio Gelato for a late night session or a lazy day with minimal plans.

Effect Of Bacio Gelato

stimulating highs, Bacio Gelato brings on the hard-hitting effects and super delicious flavors with each and every toke. The high comes on almost immediately upon exhale, launching its way through your mind with a lifted sense of creativity and euphoria. As your mind reaches higher and higher into this stimulated state, a buzzy body high will wash over your body, leaving you fully relaxed and pretty aroused at times. Bacio Gelato is often suggested for treating experienced patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, depression or mood swings, chronic stress, nausea or appetite loss and chronic fatigue. .......

Picture of Bacio Gelato

Medical Benefit Of Bacio Gelato

While she sounds like all fun and games, there’s a therapeutic side to this strain as well. Those who use Bacio Gelato for medical reasons claim that she works to banish depression and anxiety pretty easily. If you struggle with nausea or a lack of appetite, this bud could help there as well. Finally, as with most hybrid strains, this gal could be an effective option if you’re dealing with physical pain.

Sherbinski is a well-known grower in California and it’s not uncommon for home cultivators to want to emulate their strains. However, this group keeps a tight lock on their seeds and it’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to purchase any. Not much is known about their growing operation, so even if you did get your hands on Bacio Gelato seeds or clones, you’d be taking a shot in the dark when it comes to actually reaping a harvest.

Most widely found on the West Coast, Bacio Gelato is one of those strains that you can’t afford to not try. Even if you aren’t a huge gelato or sherbert fan, her unique flavor profile and wide mixture of reported effects are enough to peak just about anyone’s interest. If you’re not sure where you are when it comes to tolerance, it’s best to try this gal in the evening when you don’t have much going on. Otherwise, integrate her into your afternoon routine for an instant boost!



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