Blueberry Strain

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THC 17%   CBD —   Terpene   Myrcene
calming and energizing

Blueberry effects are mostly calming. not at all very high

Blueberry potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ blueberry

Top Effect_ sleepy


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Buy Blueberry Strain at buy weed online usa. his is an aptly named strain as it offers a blueberry taste, and the head pressure it causes makes it seem like you’re wearing a headband. Blueberry Headband is often considered a sociable strain, though it can cause psychedelic effects.

On some occasions, the name a breeder gives to a strain makes sense. This is kind of the case with Blueberry Headband. However, it gets its name from how it makes you feel, rather than its parents. This strain is a rare case of mixing several strains and coming up with something balanced. 

What Is the Blueberry Headband Strain?

One might expect this balanced hybrid to be a cross of Blueberry an Headband. In reality, Emerald Triangle Seeds attempted something complicated, and it has paid off in fine style. Blueberry Headband is a cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Cali Sour D, Emerald OG Kush, and Blueberry.

It won’t take long for you to discover why Blueberry Headband lives up to its name. The high involves a constricted feeling around the eyes and temples. You will genuinely feel as if you are wearing a headband. Some users claim they feel an increase in energy. If you use too much, you may experience time dilation, altered perception, and other psychedelic effects.

After a while, the body high takes hold, and with it comes a feeling of relaxation. You can get your daily tasks done for a few hours and perhaps benefit from a heightened sense of creativity. It is a long-lasting high, but it could eventually lead to sedation. However, as long as you imbibe sensibly, you shouldn’t succumb to couch lock.

Medical Benefits of the Blueberry Headband Strain

The lengthy high means that MMJ users love Blueberry Headband. It is a realistic wake and bake option, or else you can use it in the afternoon. Some users suggest that it helps improve focus, which would make it useful for people with ADD/ADHD. This mental focus could also boost creativity and productivity during the day. It is unwise to use Blueberry Headband before bed because it could leave you unable to sleep. .......


You will know well-cured Blueberry Headband when you smell it. You will get a pleasant fruity and tart scent of blueberry with hints of citrus. After grinding the buds, you may also get hints of pine. All told, the aroma gets you ready for an enjoyable smoking experience.


This strain arguably tastes even better than it smells! Aside from the obvious blueberry notes, which are apparent on exhalation, you also get pine hints. Blueberry Headband provides a smooth smoke, and you could get a taste of citrus on the inhale. But please note that it provides a pungent odor. 


1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound

8 reviews for Blueberry Strain

  1. Stephanie Crist

    I tried to find negative reviews on leafly and allbud, nothing found!

  2. Zane Selleck

    smells amazing! It has that Durban Poison kind of smell and it also packs some of its potency. Its not the strongest weed youd find but its going to make you rememeber the way it went through your body and mind like lightning.

  3. Hannah Bourne

    smoke one blunt before the dinner, you can all thank me later!

  4. Alicia Jordan

    My mom is crazy about BYY since the first time we shared some

  5. Dylan Curtain

    heavenly aroma!

  6. Isaac Ogilvie

    Its not easy finding the ultimate evening smoke. It should be relaxing yet not too heavy, you should be able to wake up in the morning without a headache…. Blueberry yum yum does it all for me, every time!

  7. Lucas Verran

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. Can’t find it around Tucson,AZ or anywhere nearby. By the reviews I can almost taste it, makes me want it even more. Hit me up if you know where I can score some Blueberry Yum Yum.

  8. Bella Heathershaw

    I never knew weed could make sex that much better before I tried BYY with my boyfriend. The sex was great, my skin was so much more sensitive and my mind was free of everyday worries that sometimes block me and I really enjoyed it.

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