Cannatonic Strain

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CBD 9%   THC 5%   Terpene  Myrcene
calming and energizing

Cannatonic effects are mostly calming.

Flavor & Aroma_ earthy

Top Effect_ relaxed


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Buy Cannatonic strain Online at buyweedonlineusa . Cannatonic is an even blend of sativa and indica (50:50 sativa/indica ratio). It’s a great medical strain high in CBD, a chemical used to treat severe seizures and other conditions. But it’s very low in THC 7–15% at most – so Cannatonic isn’t a good bet for getting high, despite its name. The high, such as it is, is relaxedline and uplifting with both mental and physical qualities. Cannatonic has an earthy smell, with a woody citrus flavor.

Cannatonic Strain Effects

A powerfully relaxing strain, Cannatonic is very uplifts and focuses the mind. These effects are slightly overshadowed by the strong warming and numbing sensations that flow over the body. Great for those that need pain relief in the morning or afternoon, the strain may also calm muscle spasms, migraines and headaches. It may calm nausea, anxiety, stress and mood disorders.

By pollinating a female MK Ultra with the well known male G13 Haze, Resin Seeds created an earthy and citrus tasting strain. Resistant to many pests, Cannatonic has reportedly had some issues with molds and mildews, meaning it should probably be kept in a controlled environment or carefully watched. Resin Seeds keeps some very in depth growing information on their website for the strain when grown indoors. They recommend vegetating for a week, using Bio Vega and Bio Rhizotonic.

Clones may need an eye kept on them to ensure the development of a strong root system. After the vegetative period comes a nine week flowering period, during the last of which Resin Seeds advises lowering the hours of light to ten from twelve. Cannatonic plants may yield up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. Outside in October, these plants may be harvested for 250 to 400 grams per plant.

Type of High

Platinum Blue Dream cannabis strain’s high is similar to Blue Dream – it’s mostly physical and is perfect for kicking back and relaxing. .......

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30 reviews for Cannatonic Strain

  1. Tyler Gurner

    there are eggs there are eggs so are weed this marijuana is the real deal for every lover of quality marijuana the enthusiasm i derive from simple smoking of the weed is great I always has energy for work and i am always happy for that this henp makes one feel energized and just prepared mentally for whatsoever task that may be presented to yoi you just perform it excellent without stres

  2. Stella Bacon

    a pretty skunk makes me creative and happy

  3. Lily Colman

    well extracted and cultivated

  4. Max Bolden

    Hahahaha. join me to laugh this is super great so proud of this weed

  5. Ashton Hodges

    is simply the best to stay a day and it keep the inspiration coming everytime

  6. Seth Driscoll

    join your friends have nice time by taking this pot you will feel relaxed

  7. Ebony Dow

    Super amazing weed

  8. Finn Bowles

    Cant believe Im typing this, Im in cloud 9 as I write beautiful weed

  9. Alexandra Trout

    Doesnt make someone feel tired at all rather it boosts you and make you alright

  10. Ellie Ryrie

    no need to just speak too muchs this skunk makes one dizzy

  11. Caleb O’Donnell

    U dont have to stress yourself to feel so good this is there for you

  12. Luke Bruton

    distinct. unique and naturals

  13. Brodie Krischock

    as long as i am convinced that this is really a fantastic skunk i am gonna continue smoking it there is so much joy that envelope me and I know that it is really a great way of dealing with depression this is really the perfect cure for any mood disorder you just get so happy when you take thisf not only happy you get the real comfort too regular

  14. Patrick Ratten

    This is just too good and I can state categorically that this pot is uniquely bred and it has great taste. When a weed has all of these amazing qualities you just wanna smoke it and feel all the nutrients it has.this is the marijuana yiu have to get and the moment you begin to use it you just feel so different and happy it is a great one for us all.

  15. Amelia Hannan

    CALM DOWN YOUR NERVES! Its soo calming and chilling! Just love it

  16. Jasper Winsor

    WONDERFUL uplifting effect!! blocked my anxiety and panic attacks that I had for years

  17. Dakota Dennis

    Using it for medical reasons, thanks to my doctor for prescribing it, really good

  18. Daniel Molvig

    Ive been suffering from migraines for more than 12 yeas. Cannatonic is the only thing that helps me. Its much more effective than all the medicines I was prescribed by doctors. Luckily, I can be focused and do my work after smoking!

  19. Amelia Bennelong

    Stress and depression have gone from my life. The easiest way to calm down

  20. Jonathan Nichols

    I forgot about my anxiety. I can be a happy person again… at least after smoking

  21. Jamie Schmidt

    No side effects, only pure happiness and complete relaxation!

  22. David Beasley

    Gave POWEFUL RELAXATION. The best remedy against stress for me and my friends

  23. Alexander Kennerley

    love its sweet odor…

  24. Jasper Mactier

    Gives extremely sedating effects

  25. Ava Catts

    INCREDIBLE CBD weed!!!

  26. Gabriella Rosenthal

    has a marvelous smell of citrus Enjoyed a smooth smoke!

  27. Summer Burhop

    I became anxious, anybody knows whats wrong with me? Please, heeeelp

  28. Georgia Haritos

    experienced terrible dizziness

  29. Aaron Makutz

    regularly use it to treat spasms

  30. Stella Kindler

    my favourite strain

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