Hazmat OG


THC 22%   CBD —   Terpene Myrcene
calming and energizing

Hazmat OG effects are mostly energizing. not at all very high

Hazmat OG potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ earthy

Top Effect_ aroused
Archive Seed Bank’s Hazmat OG is a cross between the original Chemdog 91 and Face Off OG Bx1. The result is a well-balanced, energizing hybrid that’s great for people looking for less of a cerebral high. Flavors including diesel with lime OG notes.


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Hazmat OG Cannabis strain is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid that has a high 27% THC average. The buds are light green with rich hints of violet and long golden hairs. The strain has a pine forest and skunk aroma with a earthy citrus finish when burned. Hazmat OG taste like sour diesel and citrus. It can treat fatigue, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and depression. Hazmat OG Cannabis strain is best for daytime usage. .......

Type of High

Hazmat OG Cannabis strain’s high has a strong cerebral effect due to its high THC average. This strain turns most consumers into an energetic and social butterfly with a heavy, potent body high.


Breeder: Archive Seed Bank
Lineage: Hazmat OG Cannabis strain is a cross between Face Off OG and Chem 91 cannabis strains.

LINEAGE: Hazmat OG is a cross between the original Chemdog 91 and Face Off OG Bx1

MEDIUM: Flower

AROMA: Skunky, earthy pine lemon

TASTE:  citrusberry, lemon, fuel

MIND: uplifting, energizing, promotes free associative thought and creativity, without being too mind bending. This allows for one to actually perform the activities that Hazmat inspires you to want to do.

BODY:  only mild classic indica body high sensations. This is why it’s great for daytime use.

Hazmat OG by CultaCONCLUSION

Hazmat OG promotes energized creative thoughts and euphoria from its Face Off OG parent, without being too cerebrally heavy, which makes it a perfect daytime strain.

This strain can also alleviate fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Hazmat OG is a timeless standby for me as I’m sure it must be for others. It has become a favored strain for some obvious reasons.

Primarily, its robust, densely arranged bud structure, peppered with deep purple and orange stigma, and dark purple and bright green calyx leaves.

Hazmat OG’s attributes are its energizing sativa cerebral high and and a stimulating physical high.


1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound


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