Jungle Cake Strain


THC 21%    CBD 1%    Terpene Caryophyllene

Calming and Energizing

Jungle Cake effects are mostly energizing. not at all very high

Jungle Cake potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ earthy

Top Effect_ talkative


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Jungle Cake is a Sativa and Indica hybrid that perfectly balances its two parents: White Fire 43 and Wedding Cake. Those who have smoked it say that it resembles the popular Wedding Cake in terms of strain effects and features, but it’s much more potent and balanced. That being said, the breeders of this bud certainly did a fine job when they create one of the strains with the Highest THC Level in combo with low CBD. You should definitely know that the THC of this strain goes around 30%, which makes it quite a strong smoke.

Even though the Jungle Cake strain is strong, it has a really sweet taste and a truly balanced set of effects that include happiness and euphoria. It’s a recommended strain for any time of the day, but most users prefer to smoke the pot in the evenings or at night time. Because of the intense high, you should skip this weed if you have important errands to run.

What Is The Jungle Cake Strain Lineage?

The Jungle Cake weed was created by the breeders, Seed Junky Genetics. Once this marvelous blend of great parents was created, the Jungle Boys brought it to the market. These people are known for their highly potent strains and seeds, and the Jungle Cake weed strain certainly belongs in that box.

By crossing the award-winning Wedding Cake strain with the amazing White Fire 43, breeders create an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that perfectly combines these features with those of the upbeat Sativa.

What Are The Effects Of The Jungle Cake Weed?

The Jungle Cake marijuana strain is a true pleasure to smoke. Or, if you find some edibles such as wax, it can be an amazing night time snack that will get you high and relaxed in no time. With its bright green, dense nugs and small orange hairs, the plant’s appearance doesn’t even come close to the amazing effects this pot will bring you, including recreational and medical.

After just a few inhales, you’ll feel a buzz, a high taking over your entire body. This high will start in your head and make its way down to your toes. Since the THC levels are extremely high compared to some other strains, you should definitely take this slow. Highly potent strains such as this one have hard-hitting, long-lasting effects. The high will be rather overwhelming if you don’t take a moderate dose.

Soon after those initial smokes of the Jungle Cake marijuana, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud. This is why the strain is recommended for evening or night use and not when you have daily tasks to complete. This makes it the perfect smoke after a long and stressful day. You will also feel a strong rush of euphoria taking over your body.

The high will come fast and sit you back. Just a few hints of a joint and you’ll experience couch-lock and relax as you have never relaxed before. What begins as a mild head buzz slowly transitions down to your shoulders, to the upper body, all whilst relaxing every muscle you have. You’ll sense this weight on your head and your body and probably want to lie down and truly immerse yourself in the experience. But, don’t forget to get some snack to fulfill that munchies crave! .......

Are There Any Medical Benefits Linked To The Jungle Cake Weed Strain?

With such a highly potent strain, it’s impossible not to have medical benefits. Because of the high potency, Jungle Cake cannabis is widely used by medical cannabis patients. Here is what it does for them:

  • Assists with sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Relieves chronic pains and inflammations
  • Stimulates the appetite (very useful with cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy)
  • Helps with nausea
  • Helps people deal with stress and depression, as well as other mood disorders like PTSD

Side effects

Most marijuana strains share two side effects: dry mouth and dry eyes. You can expect these side effects with the Jungle Cake cannabis strain too, especially if you overdo it. Since this is a really potent strain, you might also experience dizziness and in some cases, even paranoia. Paranoia or anxiety are the least likely to happen but are frequent with people who are prone to THC induced panicking.

As with any new strain, it’s recommended that you try a bit of it to see how it affects you. Once you get accustomed to the high, you can increase the dose. And of course, to eliminate the common adverse effects like dry eyes and mouth, make sure you have water and moisturizing drops nearby before, during, and after the high.

What Are The Features Of The Jungle Cake Marijuana?

Jungle Cake looks, tastes, and smells amazing. Let’s see what its features are like.

How does the Jungle Cake cannabis look, smell or taste?

The Jungle Cake weed strain has a creamy, wonderful Kush-like aroma. It has hints of diesel, marshmallow, and earthiness to it. Same as the scent, this pot has a really sweet taste, somewhat of a mixture of pine and cream.

Right now, there aren’t many options for edibles for this strain which is a pity since this is one of the tastiest buds around. The result of such a cross is a highly touted weed that has a wonderful and rich creamy Kush aroma similar to the Wedding Cake strain, accompanied by a dried flower with notes of marshmallows, wood varnish, gasoline, and Kush essence.

Should You Consume The Jungle Cake Cannabis Strain?

This is one of the tastiest smokes around, but also one of the most potent Indica-dominant weeds you can find. If you are an experienced smoker and enjoy an intense high, this is definitely a great weed for you. If you are a novice marijuana smoker, you should start small and then move to a bigger dose of the Jungle Cake cannabis. Nevertheless, the effects are mesmerizing, and so are medical applications.


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