Larry OG Kush

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THC 12%  CBD 1%    Terpene  Caryophyllene
calming and energizing

Larry OG effects are mostly energizing. not at all very high

Larry OG potency is  average.

Flavor & Aroma_ sweet

Top Effect_ euphoric


Buy Larry OG Kush Online

Buy Larry OG Online at buyweedonlineusa. Larry OG, also known as “Lemon Larry,” “Sour Larry,” and “Zour Larry” is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown strain family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica marijuana strain is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. The effects of Larry OF are happy but not overwhelming. Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a very clean and piney aroma. The nugs tend to be dense and feature distinct burnt orange hairs that are longer than average.

Larry OG effects

Relaxed  65% of people report feeling relaxed
Happy  60% of people report feeling happy
Hungry  27% of people report feeling hungry
Dry mouth  28% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes  18% of people report feeling dry eyes
Dizzy  6% of people report feeling dizzy
Stress  37% of people say it helps with stress
Pain  32% of people say it helps with pain
Depression  26% of people say it helps with depression

About Larry OG Kush seeds

This Larry OG Kush strain has the indica dominant variety with a THC level of 43 percent. Larry OG Kush is related to the following strains; Kush, Larry OG, OG Kush and SFV OG Kush and has a levels of 6% sativa and 94% sativa genes. Larry OG Kush seeds wil grow into a cannabis plant short in height resulting with low yield. Germinate the Larry OG Kush seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with an average floweringtime of 68 days.

Buy your Larry OG Kush seeds online in one of the 68 seedbanks, you have multiple options to buy Larry OG Kush seeds for a good price.

Larry OG Kush specifications

Read the Larry OG Kush seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Larry OG Kush seeds.

Variety 94% Indica and 6% Sativa
THC level 43%
Height Short
Yield Low
Difficulty Advanced
Flowering Time 68 days

1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound

31 reviews for Larry OG Kush

  1. Spencer Isaacs

    I started smoking this crack about 2 months ago. I needed something to help me relax. I still smoke this kush because I like the experience. It makes me relax in no time and I am back to normal

  2. Sara McNicoll

    The ability to focus may seem like its not much of a big deal. In real sense when you have a deadline to meet, all kind of thoughts keep barging into your mind and focusing becomes very difficult. I depend on a few puffs to clear my mind and focus on what is actually important.

  3. Lucinda Banning

    pain is something that is common to humans. It may be mild pain or chronic pain that prolongs suffering. The most common form of this pain is the form of headaches and migraines. They usually come on as a result of stress and stress is a daily thing we experience. I vape this dope to ease my headaches after a long day and also to relieve stress especially after a long and uncomfortable journey.

  4. Joseph Dodds

    I enjoy the happy feelings and the tingly sensation. It did not cripple me like some other strains. I was able to do all I needed to do while I was in a good mood. This is the best part of this smoke, it makes me happy even while doing the most nonsensical chore.

  5. Angus Florence

    vaping on this dope right now. The sensation of calm comes on pretty slowly and soon overtakes your whole body. It makes me high enough to be calm and focused and get my writing in order.

  6. Zachary Drysdale

    this kush is quite potent as listed under leafly. I enjoy the high as it makes me feel really good but able to continue with my activities. I am sticking with this master weed.

  7. Xavier Hickey

    one time, I took this weed because I needed to think clearly. It was calming at first but I later got dizzy. I could do nothing as I ended up lying down to sleep off the dizziness. It was indeed a wasted day.

  8. Luke Strehlow

    An easily identifiable kush cos of its unique pine flavor. It is unmistakable as long as you have smoked it before.

  9. Emma Mulley

    The lemon aftertaste is fine but I don’t think there is anything exceptional about this hybrid weed.

  10. Henry Worrall

    I always have mood swings during my period. Larry helps me go through this period without getting too irritated.

  11. Timothy Ann

    I LOVE this weed. It brings a balanced sense relaxation without getting overwhelming.

  12. Blake Daly

    great citrus and pine blended taste

  13. Eve Benstead

    love the calm it brings

  14. Joseph Hugo

    Makes me really excited

  15. Finn Hutt

    one of the best OG kushes around

  16. Claudia L’Estrange

    Like the fact that even when I smoke it in the morning I can go on with my day and no one knows Im high. Great weed for adding a fuel and energy when socializing or working out. For the moment Im quite happy with this strain.

  17. Sienna Dearth

    This is really a true example of dank. Cant say that Ive tried anything similar. When Im tiered lullabies me to sleep within a few moments. If I need to be at my best its also working quite well. Looks like this strain is magical.

  18. Lucinda Newell

    its one of those kind and easy breeds. If you like your buzz to be relaxing, slow and positive, try this one.

  19. Hugo McVicars

    I like to go solo with my pot. This one is ideal for chilling and smooth buzz.

  20. Alice Albert

    if I ever decide to grow weed this is the one I’ll go for. Love it…

  21. Lara Zouch

    I have to praise it, works magic on my back pain. Life saver!

  22. Callum Wainewright

    Couldnt find bloos kloos so ive tried Larry OG. They are very similar, but cookies taste better with OG.

  23. Thomas Porter

    Well, well, well… you know how weed makes you sleepy? I was at the gym after smoking this one. Good session!

  24. Michael Fosbery

    Didnt expect much. I was pleasantly surprised with its hit.

  25. Samantha Pflaum

    The best choice Ive had in a while. HELL YEAH!

  26. Hudson Karloan

    Ive tried it back and forth with cornbread. With Larry OG Im happier, uplifted and less hungry.

  27. Mariam Blackett

    Some batches were too wild.

  28. Lilian Comino

    perfect for my BONG!

  29. Sean Roe

    Great for conversation and bonding.

  30. Zachary Howey

    I like all strains with lemon scent 🙂

  31. Hayden Loewe

    Nice weed for stress relief.

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