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THC 18%     CBD —     Terpene Myrcene
Calming and Energizing
Sour Tangie effects are mostly energizing. not at all very high
Sour Tangie potency is higher than average.
Flavor & Aroma_ citrus
Top Effect_ energetic


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The Sour Tangie strain is ideal for citrus enthusiasts. It has a strong tangerine and lemon taste and smell that is sure to delight the senses. It is regarded as an excellent social strain because it can help improve your mood and provide a mild energy boost. .......

What Is the Sour Tangie Strain?

Sour Tangie is a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Tangie and East Coast Sour Diesel. We owe a debt of thanks to DNA Genetics for creating this marvelous cannabis strain. Tangerine Dream was a highly popular strain a few decades ago but was in danger of becoming lost. However, DNA recreated it, calling the new strain Tangie. Crossing it with East Coast Sour Diesel has resulted in a refreshing yet powerful strain.

While it is an intense strain, Sour Tangie doesn’t leave experienced users feeling spaced out.

The sativa dominance becomes readily apparent once the intoxicating high takes hold. Users typically report the rapid onset of a potent cerebral high. Once it hits you, the likely outcome is a feeling of euphoria and perhaps a burst of energy. While it is an intense strain, Sour Tangie doesn’t leave experienced users feeling spaced out. Instead, you’re more likely to enjoy positive thinking and a clear-headed high.

While it isn’t quite as potent as Tangie, this strain warrants respect. You’re highly unlikely to feel any indica effects. This means little in the way of a body high or sedation. Consequently, it is an excellent option for afternoon use. Long-time users may even try it in the morning as a wake and bake smoke.


You’ll get the intense sharp, tart, and tangy scent as soon as you open the bag. This smell only intensifies once you grind the buds and light up a joint. You will also likely get strong hints of diesel and perhaps a little bit of skunkiness.



While the taste isn’t as potent as the smell, Sour Tangie still hits your taste buds hard. The citrus flavor is by far the most dominant. However, you might experience a skunky taste on the exhale. 


The Sour Tangie strain provides large, fluffy buds that are shaped like footballs. The buds are light green with orange pistils. The cloudy white trichomes are also a welcome sight and indicate the strength of the strain.

Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain Grow Info

You can readily find Sour Tangie cannabis seeds available from DNA Genetics online. There are two different phenotypes available. One takes the properties of Tangie, while the other is more like East Coast Sour Diesel in terms of growth.

It is possible to grow the strain outdoors if you live in a place with a warm and slightly humid climate. However, these plants grow exceptionally tall outdoors, which may pose a problem. Remember, even in states where it is legal to grow marijuana, you must keep the plants out of public view.

You can try topping these plants if you cultivate them outdoors. Otherwise, expect them to reach a height of up to 10 feet! Another issue is the strong odor that will almost certainly attract attention. Sour Tangie can produce up to 24 ounces when grown outdoors and is ready for harvest in October.

When cultivated indoors, it remains necessary to top and prune the plants to keep their height down. Sour Tangie goes through the vegetative stage quickly but takes 8-9 weeks to flower. It isn’t a good growing option if you’re inexperienced or lazy because it warrants a lot of maintenance. Ultimately, the effort is worth the wait, as you earn up to 20 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

Regardless of the phenotype, Sour Tangie is consistently potent. Its THC content is typically 21-22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is relatively little CBD in Sour Tangie. It generally has less than 0.4%. 

Medical Benefits of the Sour Tangie Strain

The euphoric high provided by Sour Tangie ensures that recreational users are fond of it. MMJ patients with a condition such as depression, anxiety, or stress, may also enjoy using this strain. The high affects you quickly, which means negative thoughts and emotions are rapidly dispelled.

It could also provide an energy boost and improved focus for a short period. As a result, it is perhaps worth using if you have fatigue and need a pick-me-up. One benefit of Sour Tangie is that you can use it during the day. However, the energy boost means it is unwise to use it late in the evening. It could delay your sleep by several hours.

Finally, Sour Tangie is potentially potent enough to help with chronic pain as a symptom of a condition such as back pain or fibromyalgia. 

Possible Side Effects of the Sour Tangie Strain

As with any high-THC strain, Sour Tangie comes with certain side effects. The most frequent ones include dry eyes and a dry mouth. These are usually adverse effects that aren’t severe, and they usually pass fairly quickly. Having a glass of water available and remaining well-hydrated can also help.

More concerning side effects include an increase in anxiety, nausea, and headaches. In general, however, such issues only tend to affect inexperienced users or people who use too much. Respect Sour Tangie’s potency, and you should be fine.


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23 reviews for Sour Tangie

  1. Melissa Frasure

    It smells strong, great for ADH patients to improve focus, anorexia patients to stimulate healthy eating, PTDS to deal with stress, PMS to deal with mood swings and pains. I love to use it in the morning to make sure I get the most out of the day.

  2. Carmen Woodruff

    A friend brought ace of spades over and I was excited to try a new strain but I was disappointed . Tangie is still the best option for a fun filled day despite how much work I have to do. I feel less fatigued which helps me get more work done.

  3. Mary Carpenter

    Depression has always been a close friend to me. A tiny disruption causes me to fall into depression. Since I started smoking this pot, my mood has been improved

  4. Viola Alvarez

    I used this weed for pain, but it did not have the desired effect. It numbed the pain a little bit but that did not do it.

  5. Elias Belcher

    The taste offers a perfect blend of sour diesel with the fruity goodness of citrus. I just cant get enough of it.

  6. Renee Butler

    I had some edibles made with this mj and I experienced creativeness and I become more talkative and more open to conversation.

  7. Renee Butler

    unexplainable euphoric feeling that makes unable to ne offended and happy all day.

  8. Raquel Stower

    Made me feel aroused, I like it.

  9. Sallie Brown

    Therapeutic asf any day, anytime.

  10. Kristan Clayton

    The headache and dry mouth are a big turn off

  11. Lee Varner

    I feel so giggly

  12. Chris Purnell

    Mmmn, very strong!

  13. Wayne Aldaco

    Reading can be a tedious task especially when you are on virgin territory. Sometimes I lack the zeal to keep my eyes open to feed my brain information. But, taking a few drags here and there fills me with the motivation to study. It also helps with tuning my focus to what I am reading . It is funny how I can distract myself but no more.

  14. Juan Santiago

    Whenever I am smoking this pot, I feel like fireworks are going off in my head and body.

  15. Muriel Sauer

    I think you took too much weed J-weed. This strain is one of the best out there, definitely an A lister. I think you should start with a smaller amount next time to enjoy it. It has really helped me so now, I can conveniently focus on a task without getting off thought

  16. Mary Higbee

    I bonged some leaves and I felt paranoia, thirst and dry mouth. It is an unusual feeling for me. I don’t think it is for me.

  17. Mary Shapiro

    The bud is delectable to the eyes and the taste buds. The plants took about 10 weeks to grow into maturity, it was worth it.

  18. Heather Dearborn

    Killer buzz, loved it

  19. Grace Johnson

    Smells great

  20. Carmen Burke

    This does not taste like tangerine at all, but the high is awesome

  21. Kimberly Edwards

    I had 2 hits and its such a delicious euphoria. It helps me clear my head. I tried it with my gf and she loved it too. It gets the job done and even more!

  22. Julie Cassidy

    This weed is so potent, not a big fan of the taste, but the high definitely makes it worth it. The high is so strong, totally recommended to treat depression with a smile

  23. Louise Naquin

    Made me so relaxed, my headache disappeared in no time

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