Sundae Driver


THC 21%    CBD 1%     Terpene Limonene
Calming and Energizing
Sundae Driver effects are mostly calming. not at all very high
Sundae Driver potency is higher than average.
Flavor & Aroma_ grape
Top Effect_ giggly


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Crossbreeding Fruity Pebbles (FPOG) and Grape Pie produces a hybrid marijuana strain that is an absolute blessing for daily highs, and evenings when you want to get euphoric and active? Sundae Driver is a delicious, perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid that brings users diverse pleasant effects. 17-21% of THC content over less than 1 percent of CBD creates an uplifting and energizing creative high which are all generally labeled as Sativa strain effects.

Aroma and Taste Review

Thanks to the Limonene, Caryophyllene and Humulene terpenes, Sundae Driver strain smells like a fruit ice cream cup sprinkled with tiny grains of bitter chocolate. Its flavor resembles of earthen berry with flowers and diesel hints. Sometimes users can smell sweet creamy flavor.

Possible Effects of Sunday Driver

Users who have tried Sundae Driver cannabis report both Sativa and Indica typical properties. The most common effects for this strain are:

  • Euphoric,
  • Energized,
  • Hungry,
  • Happy,
  • Active,
  • Creative,
  • Concentrated,
  • Calm (on rare occasions).

Since the CBD content is minimal, there’s no use of trying to extract cannabis oil from this plant, however, in the wax form, it could be a useful way for users with pulmonary issues to battle anxiety and stress.

Otherwise, it can diminish acute pain such as headaches or a mild physical injury. And it’s a cure for every morning when you wake up blue.

Side effects may include:

  • Thirst and dry mouth,
  • Dry eyes,
  • Rapid heartbeat,
  • Hunger,
  • Slurred speech.

Information for Growers

This cultivar grows both indoor and in your backyard as long as you are in a warm and humid area, with night temperatures above freezing. The growth period in ideal conditions is around 66 days. However, you will be sure that it’s ripe for harvest when there’s a bush of purple, green, and orange flowers covered with a dense coat of trichomes.


Relaxed95% Voted
Happy90% Voted
Uplifted76% Voted


Sweet81% Voted
Earthy48% Voted
Flowery39% Voted

Side Effects

Thirst and dry mouth100% Voted
Dry eyes45% Voted
Rapid heart beat39% Voted

1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound


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