Sunset Sherbet Strain


THC 18%     CBD 1%      Terpene Caryophyllene
Calming and Energizing
Sunset Sherbert effects are mostly calming. not at all very high
Sunset Sherbert potency is higher than average.
Flavor & Aroma_ sweet
Top Effect_ relaxed


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Sunset Sherbert is an Indica strain. It originates from the legendary Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies strains. Featuring THC content of between 16% and 20% this can be quite a potent weed with many psychedelic effects. Its CBD content in it is typically measured below 1%.

This strain is typical for the Bay Area, California, partly because the mastermind behind it (some called him Mr. Sherbinsky, while other sources state the grower as unknown), was from there, and because of the amount of it sold within the area. It has a strong GSC core combined with Pink Panties’ energy-giving abilities, which is another point why people love it. Having been already for more than 10 years on the market, it still remains one of the favorites for those who like the tasty kind of high.

Sherbet listed as one of the most popular strains of 2020 by Alex Pasternack, EVP of Binske. Read more about Binske in Grower Stories #4

Sunset Sherbet Effects

Although every given breed will have slightly different effects on any given person due to many factors (mental state, physical build, perception type, quantity & quality of the weed smoked, etc), it has many similarities in terms of the general feeling that most people will encounter after using it. These are the most commonly reported feelings from the users:

Negative effects:

  • Dry mouth & eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Slower body coordination & dizziness
  • Paranoid

Medical Applications

While the recreational usage of any strain is pretty straightforward (to create and experience the good, happy, serene state of mind), the medical purposes for every breed are different, depending on what’s being treated and the amount of CBD/THC that the particular plant has. Based on the chemical structure, this plant is used to treat the following conditions: .......

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Eating disorders
  • ADHD

Flavors and Fragrances

Having an OG Kush as one of your ancestors, you’ll definitely have to inherit the hashish odor, typical for the cannabinoid plants. A crossbred with CSG, it gets mixed with a fruity freshness that includes fresh orange and sweet orange as a dominant note, and strong gourmand candy and sherbet notes.

In terms of taste, there is nothing like the feeling of a tasty joint that doesn’t leave the terrible dry-red-wine like aftertaste and smells like citrusy cotton candy. That’s pretty much what you’ll get with a sunset sherbet hybrid. Be careful though, it’s so strong you might cough for a minute if you haven’t tried anything like this before. The optimal solution here is to smell the plant itself for a while, then make a joint/bong, lighten it and inhale in small doses.

Growing Information


This strain loves shaded, warm and humid Mediterranean climate and the most perfect place you can grow it in the States is Central California. It doesn’t mean it only can grow outside – under proper artificial conditions, you’ll have the plant fully grown indoors. A greenhouse with a temperature between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a perfect for this strain.

Sunset Sherbet Grow

To maximize the yield and help preserve the qualities of the plant, one should expose the plant to cold night temperatures for a few days before cropping. Also, it’s paramount to trim the big leaves regularly. Within 8-9 weeks after planting it, you should expect its blooming in the tasty flowers. Don’t let the sunset sherbet flowering time get past its maximum deadline as it will lose its aroma qualities.


Because this plant loves a warm and humid climate, the soil it grows in should be well-balanced to keep enough water and won’t become asphalt-like when it’s hot. There is no way that there is a shortage of water, as the lack of shadow. Some farmers decide to mineralize the soil but we would encourage you to refrain from it as it will change the smell and the taste, to say nothing of the chemical ingredients.


Sleepy92% Voted
Relaxed83% Voted
Euphoric65% Voted


Citrus93% Voted
Sweet73% Voted
Earthy70% Voted

Side Effects

Thirst and dry mouth92% Voted
Panic attacks85% Voted
Dry eyes77% Voted

1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound


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