Swazi Gold Strain

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Calming and Energizing

Swazi Gold effects are mostly energizing.

Flavor & Aroma_ earthy

Top Effect_  giggly


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Buy Swazi Gold Strain, Swazi Gold cannabis strain is pure sativa, with a light THC level of 18%. This strain has been used in the development of many fan favorites and award-winning strains popular in the West, though it descends for an African strain itself. Its aroma is sharp and zesty, and it tastes sweet and earthy with a pungent aftertaste. The plants are known to grow long, lumpy foxtail nugs which are covered in dusty golden trichomes that resemble grains of sand. .......

Type of High

Swazi Gold cannabis strain provides a delightfully fast-acting and energizing sativa high that beginners and experts alike find enjoyable. It makes users pleasantly giggly and talkative and is used in the treatment of fatigue, hyper-tension, glaucoma.

Seeds & Farming

The strain Swazi Gold got its name from zip code H100, Swaziland, now called Eswatini. This region borders Mozambique and South Africa and provides the perfect climate for growing landrace sativas such as Swazi Gold. Flowering type sativas grown in Eswantini are known for being extremely potent and contain 18% to 27% TCH. The seeds produced from farming this exceeding strain are known worldwide for their strong and long-lasting effects. Many home growers today are now growing Gold Swazi due to its powerful genetics and high yields.

GENETICS Sativa (90-100%)    PARENTS Swaziland   THC High  CBD Unknown   SMELL & FLAVOUR Earthy, Sweet

1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound

17 reviews for Swazi Gold Strain

  1. Ebony Mackrell

    The weed did leave a very relaxing euphoria after the first use and I had to come back to it the next day. The sweet vanilla scent is a plus and price fell in my budget range…

  2. Ali Dunrossil

    It is great if you have reoccuring depression like me. it helps to soothe the soul and I am not even kidding about it. The relief is instant and you wont be anxious anymore. Good vanilla one.

  3. Xavier Laboureyas

    I wouldnt suggest this to novices because the dry mouth can absolutely scare the weak hearts and you will never return tothe strain concepts again. It has a good flavor but the effect makes you very ehady and dizzy as well in the beginning.

  4. Gabriel Gandon

    The flavors are true to the word and have a very good happy effect.

  5. Hamish Vaccari

    Who would say nay to nutty vanilla huh? Not me at least! Quite uplifting

  6. Flynn Clubbe

    The bursts of happiness = LIT!

  7. Gabriella Verge

    A very vanilla-ish flavor that I fell in love with instantly

  8. Evie Edouard

    Not the best one here. Causes Slurred speech and lot of fear

  9. Chloe Kennion

    I use it for baking. Compared to other strains, it has a pleasant smell, does not stink of diesel in cookies

  10. Alana Rembert

    Hail the Hawaiian!! Wow! Was on point!

  11. Sean Wollaston

    im beginner, friend recommended me this strain, but this weed increased my anxiety

  12. Bella Edmond

    had slurred speech afrer taking this weed! I am lost in euphoria!

  13. Emily Maiden

    love Hawaiian Mayan Gold… light, pleasant… Cotton mouth alert, people

  14. John Idriess

    I smoke these stints every morning, not for the earthy taste but to cure my pain It also makes me feel happy and energetic My all time favorite

  15. Henry Selfe

    Cant get enough of it Laughing myself out

  16. Ethan Pritchard

    I got another reason to love Hawaii Their weed is best quality God bless America, and the fertile lands I feel so energetic

  17. Abigail Cohen

    Best shit Ive used

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