White Ice Strain

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THC 17%    CBD 1%    Terpene Terpinolene

calming and energizing

White Ice effects are mostly calming. not at all very high

White Ice potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ citrus

Top Effect_ aroused


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Buy White Ice Strain at buy weed online usa. White Ice is a rare indica-dominant hybrid with a classic lineage. This strain is a favorite amongst both consumers and patients for a multitude of reasons. First off, it has a unique flavor and aroma unlike most strains and is full of trichomes. White Ice does have some sativa-like effects even though it is undoubtedly an indica-dominant. This strain is perfect for a rainy day spent watching movies or playing video games. .......

Overview of White Ice

White Ice is said to be a fantastic indica-dominant hybrid. It has a high THC content that adds to the overall quality of the strain. White Ice usually tests around 18 percent to 22 percent THC. Its powerful body high makes for some severe couch-lock. Many consumers have not had the opportunity to smoke White Ice, but it is known for having a distinctly sweet smell.

It is also famous for having thick white trichomes which are great for making concentrates. White Ice is a well-sought-after strain by many cannabis connoisseurs. .......

Potential Positive Effects of White Ice

The usual effects of White Ice are euphoric, relaxing, and happy. The beginning of its effects is uplifting making it a great mood enhancer. As the cannabinoids sink in, White Ice becomes exceptionally sedating.

Potential Negative Effects of White Ice

The adverse effects associated with White Ice are mild. While some consumers have reported feeling fatigued, this is a typical effect of this strain. The most common adverse effect of White Ice is dry eyes. .......

The Lineage of White Ice

White Ice has a classic lineage that is partially what makes this such a rare strain. White Ice is a cross between Afghan Hash Plant, Northern Lights, and Dutch Skunk. The combination of these first-class parents is what makes White Ice such a desired strain.

Growing White Ice

White Ice is not an easy strain to grow. Even though it has a shorter flowering phase than most strains, it still takes around 55-65 days. Its stays relatively short and typically does not get higher than 50 inches. White Ice does produce some fantastic buds, but its yield is not always the best. This strain is a great one for novice cultivators to master if they can ever get their hands on it.


1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound

23 reviews for White Ice Strain

  1. Piper Catani

    An annoying scene is me trying to relax while a migraine is building. Oh God, the stress and discomfort is a pain in the ass. I love it because it takes away migraines while helping me to relax

  2. Lincoln Neil

    Depression has made a nest in my home and in my heart ever since my mom dies 3 months ago. Sulking continuously, occasional yelling and destroying things were the norm for me. My friends came around to cheer me up. We smoked together and I was more happy than i have been in months. i was not sure if it was the weed or the company but i had a feeling it was the weed. I laughed heartily that day and felt upbeat. This is the weed talking because i am vaping right now.

  3. Jett Raw

    I was relaxed at first but It failed to stimulate that euphoric feeling that I crave more than any other feeling.

  4. Evie Bourke

    As I continue to take more drags of this weed, the high intensifies I am prompted to sleep and get enough rest.

  5. Alannah McKerihan

    I feel dazed just a little bit but I am ready to cuddle my pillows and embrace the sheets

  6. Xavier Old

    I am impressed asf

  7. Kayla Howarde

    ooohh, too good, already falling asleep under its spell

  8. Indiana Schlink

    Citrus and musk flavors that are hard to forget

  9. Hayley Hodgson

    It affects depression, migraines, happy mood as promised

  10. Elijah Aird

    Hmmmmn, so relaxing

  11. Kate Nott

    I feel super happy

  12. Paige Spooner

    This mj has an insanely high amount of THC about 24% so you can be sure it feels like a booomerag.

  13. Nate Carey

    When I broke the buds, the citrus and grape aroma travelled to my nose in minutes and I found myself shaking my head in approval of my choice.

  14. Lincoln Lyall

    I ordered some leaves and nugs online. I was so excited that I forgot it was a working day. I enjoyed the taste of citrus, the undertones of lemon made to puff one more until I was ready to go to work. I felt very happy and relaxed. I smiled to everyone and i even told my boss to chill cos shes getting more wrinkled. i ended up sleeping the whole day and my boss sent me home and the day was deducted from my salary. So sad, i wasted a full day.

  15. Hannah Bright

    The rich flavors and taste are one reason I stick to this cannabis. I always enjoy them whenever and it packs a bunch. The feeling of relaxation lasts for a long time. The key is to not take too much else you will sleep like sleeping beauty, deep and long, irrespective of the time of the day. I vape a few times a day to carry me through till night when i can roll a joint and savor it with the anticipation of a good night rest.

  16. Mackenzie Knowles

    Does not do much for stress

  17. Zachary Bancks

    Wedding cake is an indica strain that has been rumored to rival the effects of White ice Og but as an experienced user, I say no to that rumor. White og for one hits harder and lasts longer. Chronic joint pain, depression and stress is swept away like it is nothing. White og is the reeal kush.

  18. Sophia Corby

    I feel duper chill and relaxed. I cant go to the beach without my cartridge. The sweet smelling aroma makes me irresistible.

  19. Oscar Liversidge

    Taste cud have been better.

  20. Madeleine Clunie

    was expecting experiencing a better high.. I feel euphoric.

  21. Madison Wanliss

    I highly recommend staying hydrated when using this weed. I experienced a dry mouth after enjoying a pre roll of this kush. If you are suffering from any kind of chronic pain or migraines, you should definitely check out this weed.

  22. Hayley Millington

    I enjoy this Mary Jane with a vaporiser. My favorite kush for nighttime. I feel sleepy and happy at the same time, it is an amazing feeling. Maybe if you are new to vaping, try out this one, you will thank me later.

  23. Piper Blanchard

    This kush really uplifts me

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