White Kryptonite


Cannabinoid THC Dominant

THC 19.8 – 21.4%

CBD 0.38 – 0.63%

Effect Relaxed

Side Effect Thirst and dry mouth

Taste Sweet


Buy White Kryptonite

Buy White Kryptonite at buy weed online usa, White Kryptonite marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. This bud grows light-green buds generously coated in trichomes. When lit up the nugs emit a pungent aroma of spices and flowers. As the name suggests, White Kryptonite marijuana is very powerful with 25-30% THC levels. This weed is not recommended for rookies or users with low tolerance. White Kryptonite marijuana is good for night time recreational and medical use due to strong sedative properties.

Type of High

White Kryptonite marijuana induces mild uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by sedation and deep couchlock. Relieves stress, alleviates depression, controls pain and inflammation, stimulates appetite, helps with insomnia. Calms mind and body.


White Kryptonite cannabis strain is a cross between Kryptonite and White Widow.
Kryptonite might make you come back all over again just because of its taste and aroma. You can grow this kush but there are no seeds available openly so the only option is getting clones or cuttings to plant. That requires some experience because it is specialized and you might get it wrong and cultivate a different produce.
If you require a strain to relieve your pain at any time, this kush is a good choice. It can be used even on very pain.Users report very effective high that takes care of the most common body ailments. The strain is perfect for both medical and recreational use because of its genetics and effects. .......



white krytonite
Relaxed99% Voted
White Kryptonite
Sleepy98% Voted
White Kryptonite
Happy79% Voted


White Kryptonite
Sweet95% Voted
White Kryptonite
Skunk89% Voted
White Kryptonite
Earthy82% Voted

Side Effects

White Kryptonite
Thirst and dry mouth88% Voted
White Kryptonite
Dry eyes45% Voted
White Kryptonite
Headache28% Voted

1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound


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