CBD Shark strain

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CBD 10%    THC 6%    Terpene Myrcene
calming and energizing

CBD Shark effects are mostly calming.

Flavor & Aroma_ earthy

Top Effect_ relaxed


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Buy CBD Shark strain at buy weed online usa, Shark is an 80/20 indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers an equal ratio of THC and CBD, a cannabinoid combination that helps patients treat an array of symptoms like painanxiety, and inflammation without the overly intoxicating effects induced by many high-THC strains. This clear-headed hybrid descends from a Shark Shock indica, but as for its second parent, we can only be sure that it was some high-CBD variety. Its aroma is comprised of sweet notes of fruit accented by subtle hints of garlic and herb.

Type of High

CBD Shark cannabis strain will ease into you with haziness, languid pace. It builds gradually until your body is sedative and your mind is at peace. It is not recommended for novice smokers or morning use.


Breeder: CBD Crew
Genetics: CBD Shark cannabis strain is a cross of Shark Shock and unknown CBD high cannabis strains.

Aromas and flavours

Shark Shock CBD cannabis plants showcase very intense flavours and aromas, with bittersweet hints and some touches of garlic.


Thanks to her 1:1 ratio, Shark Shock CBD delivers a balanced and relaxing effect that is perfect for fighting stress. Her Indica dominance makes her also suitable for night time use. Due to the high CBD content in her, she’s ideal for therapeutic use as well as for those who prefer consuming marijuana strains that are not as powerful as THC-rich hybrids. After a hard day at work, while having a warm bath, enjoy yourself and relax deeply. .......


Shark Shock CBD is the perfect strain for those looking for good yields in a remarkably short time because she can indeed produce incredibly bountiful crops very fast (55 days of flowering). After this time, you’ll be able to stock your pantry with amazing CBD-rich buds.

Despite performing well both indoors and outdoors, it is in dry, temperate or Mediterranean climates that she thrives. If we, unfortunately, don’t live in a region with these weather conditions and we still want to grow outdoors, we’d better do so under the protection of a greenhouse.

Characteristics of
Shark Shock CBD cannabis seeds

Sex CBD-Feminised
Genotype 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Cross Shark Shock x CBD Crew
Indoor flowering 55 days
Indoor yield 500 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time Mid-October
Outdoor yield 600-900 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC* 6%
CBD* 6%
THC/CBD ratio 1:1

1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound

17 reviews for CBD Shark strain

  1. Zac Yali

    It ie very sweet taste. Best weed for ADHD.

  2. Bailey Bernacchi

    well well, i am just gonna sit back and keep being alive in this. the experience is lively. Wikileaf first recommended it, and ever since, i cant just keep calm cos I have to very own experience to the world. When I smoke the hemo i think like a smart person. it opens up my brain that I begin to see things in a very different way. Even my friends noticed d change and I am glad I went 4 it.

  3. Cody Bannan

    I must say one of the biggest reasons I prefer this kush is for it’s unique smell. Also, the taste is amazing, eveytime I smoke this weed, I discover a new type of taste. I will highly reocmmedn buying this one.

  4. Jack Goldhar

    Very romantic. It arouses me

  5. Caleb Blakey

    I feel quite energetic.

  6. Noah Toutcher

    i am very happy about this, I got what I wanted.

  7. Emma Garrett

    Thank Thank you This strain is worth every penny. Great value for its price

  8. Leah Peacock

    Staying hydrated while smoking the weed is important.

  9. Grace Burgoyne

    Haaaa! This got me thinking straight. It is very tasty and yummy

  10. Aidan Tye

    I have been struggling with ADHD since childhood, but this strain is now helping me so much.

  11. Sebastian Hoolan

    This is overrated, I dont even like how it makes me feel

  12. Eden Kaberry

    Geez.. Oh my my. I am not getting over this. This is another planet, the effect is so longlAsting. After smoking, I started feeling the effect almost immediately. The aroma filled everywhere and I just couldnt help but to inhale it and flow with the moment. It is the best feeling ever and I dont wanna leave it. I also like the edibles, they are not too hard on me.

  13. Samantha Le Gallienne

    The first time I smoked this weed, I started feeling numb, but the feeling came with a strong force that I felt out of place. After a while I got use to the effect and I have been smoking it. u really wouldnt know how sweet dis thing is until u have a taste. taste this weed and be grateful to the maker. Even the taste can make you feel erotic.

  14. Kaitlyn McConnell

    What a waste of money!

  15. Austin Skirving

    I just wanna keep taking it Don’t make me get too high

  16. Kiara Richards

    The aroma is lit, the THC content is most satisfying like never before.

  17. William Verjus

    Besst strain ever I am benefiting a lot everyday.

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