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THC 22%     CBD 1%    Terpene  Myrcene
calming and energizing

Grape Pie effects are mostly calming. not at all very high

Grape Pie potency is higher than average.

Flavor & Aroma_ grape

Top Effect_ happy


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Buy Grape Pie Strain at buy weed online usa, grape pie is an indica-leaning hybrid with sour and sugary grape aromas. This strain gives off a high that may initially bring you up with euphoria before landing you down on the couch for munchies and TV. Grape Pie is a cross of Cherry Pie and the Gage Green Group’s Grape Stomper. This strain looks just like a classic old school purp strain with terpy trichomes that offer delicious sour and sugary grape aromas associated with Grape Stomper.

History Of The Grape Pie

Grape Pie comes from Colorado, from Cannarado Genetics more precisely. The local growers have decided to create something unusual and special. They have mixed plants of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper to create the new strain we are discussing right now. Grape Pie was introduced several years ago and today it is one of the most desirable strains you can have. .......

Grape Pie: Effects

Grape pie review includes the effects on the human body. The effects are:

  • Feeling high
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Tingly sensation

These effects are something most users need these days and can be the answer to why it is so desirable. For details about the effects and in which amount they are present, look at the chart below.

Effect Rating Suitable for
Euphoria 5/5 Depression
Happiness 4.5/5 Anxiety and depression
Tingly sensation 3/5 NA
Sleepiness 3/5 Insomnia

Medical Benefits Of Grape Pie

Grape Pie is good for treating chronic pain, depression, mood swings, and anxiety. It is also effective in treating insomnia. The first results are noticed within the first couple of minutes and can last for a few hours.

Due to the euphoria effect, the strain is extremely used by depressed and anxiety sufferers. It is known to help with mood swings and when a user is feeling down.

Negatives of Grape Pie

There are no major negative effects of the strain. Some users have reported dry mouth and dizziness but in lower figures. Even these two drawbacks are minor and they are usually present with all possible weed strains. There are no reasons to fear the Grape Pie.

Effects – Medical Appointments – Negatives

Main effects:

  • Feeling high
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Tingly sensation

Medical purposes:

  • Treating depression
  • Treating anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Eliminating chronic pain


  • Dry mouth

Main Reasons To Consider The Grape Pie

Grape Pie is a great product you can try today. In our Grape Pie review, we will answer why and how it reached this popularity.


The appearance is impressive. It may look like many other strains on the outside, but under the scope, it is special. You can see vivid violet hues all around the buds. Additional elements include a thick coat of trichomes, below-average coverage of pistil and fox tailing calyxes.

Smell and aroma

The smell will create a powerful impression in your nose and almost feel spicy. On the other hand, the fruit sensation is calming and balances the overall odor and flavor of the weed.


Grape pie has pine flavor the first time you taste it. But, the aftertaste is grape-alike. The taste is mild and won’t cause any issues when you try the weed for the first time. For comparison, Grape Pie weed has a much stronger flavor.


1 pound, 14 grams, half pound, ounce, quater pound

40 reviews for Grape Pie Strain

  1. Mary Barr

    It made me talk about everything from America to Asia. Wont let me shut up and I like that uncontrolled euphoria!

  2. Harrison Langwell

    My PTSD needed more efforts than visiting therapist. Doing this one made things easier for me and Ill be very grateful.

  3. Jordan Pumpkin

    It hit my nose buds as something floral first but left a berry kind of taste post puffs. Good for relaxation and stressful times.

  4. Henry Prendiville

    It does improve the focus like allbud said but I dont think the effect will cause you to do jump and scream like amd men. Very well thought.

  5. Cody Thorby

    It started off like a soft tingling, raised in intensity, hit me when I least expected and now I am greatly content and Niceeeeee.

  6. Lara Plowman

    The dry mouth was the worst part of doing this strain. Not gonna do it.

  7. Lily Groves

    I love this strain because of its sour, sweet and pungent flavour.

  8. Lola Fryett

    The munificence of the joint was amazing. I was hiiiiggghh

  9. Nathan Bullen

    The extreme thirst put off the whole experience for me.

  10. Ali Abbie

    I found it extremely relaxing and soothing, just like what Wikileaf said I would feel.

  11. Ben Longstaff

    Leafly mentioned its flavour as berry or flowery, but I found it to be sweet and pungent

  12. Caleb Gouger

    I couldnt stop giggling at all! Its berry flavour is extremely peppy

  13. Jonathan Margolin

    Its the dry mouth for me Makes me happy and reduces mood swings. It’s a superb Kush!

  14. Lucinda Beggs

    it helped with severe back pains that I was experiencing. Its great for medical use.

  15. Oscar Gormanston

    Deep and soothing trip Like smoking a grape!

  16. Eden Burges

    I enjoy diverse layers of flavor in a weed and Grape pie offers several taste notes. The taste of grapes is extremely potent and lingers on the tongue for a while. The taste of cookie dough is also present, and it just adds to the perfect smoking experience

  17. Jaxon Burfitt

    Great weed! It’s very potent and kicks in amazingly fast with a feeling of euphoria rushing through the body. The head starts to feel light after a while and that’s when the high is at its peak

  18. Kaitlyn Mungomery

    Best for mid-day smoke Gets you high for hours

  19. Jordan Catchpole

    The taste of grapes stays on the tongue while inhaling the smoke.

  20. Skye Andrews

    Keeps the mind wondering Fruity yet enormously powerful

  21. Aaron Hocking

    Supreme taste and relaxing high My friends and I enjoy it mostly while chilling and playing board games.

  22. Ruby Givens

    It allows you to relax and keep your mind off of worries. Also good for pain.

  23. Jeremy Galway

    Fruity and strong as hell The high kicks in almost momentarily. Best way to deal with a stressful day.

  24. Abigail Miethke

    Perfect evening high Best medicine for headache

  25. Paige Neitenstein

    One of my favorite Sativa dominant weeds. It’s got the taste, the kick, and aroma.

  26. Rebecca Hindwood

    I tried Grape Pie today and it is now my favorite dope! The high creeps in fast, and by the time I was smoking my second pipe I was in the clouds. It gave me a euphoric kick that leads to a couch-lock.

  27. Chloe Probert

    This is a great party starter, nevermind its Indica origin. It will drag you to sleep after you’ve smoked a few joints but one spliff will put you in the mood for anything that comes your way. Highly recommended!

  28. Jeremy Foxall

    It feels the room with the smell of pine forest. It really takes you out into the woods.

  29. Seth Burrell

    Great pot. It makes me chatty and euphoric while bringing my anxiety levels down.

  30. Ebony Haining

    Most amazing high from the first hit. Hust a few drags will keep you high for hours

  31. Caleb Curry

    One of the best Indica strains in my opinion. Makes you all happy and tinggly

  32. Archer Beach

    You can really feel grapes Such a unique feeling of positive vibes all over my body, every time I light it up.

  33. Tristan Corlette

    Interesting after taste, it’s almost as if you’ve just had the sweetest grape. The pine aroma is also something special, it’s so strong and lingers in the room for a while. No need for candles or scented sticks to cover the smell of weed.

  34. Harry Kellermann

    True Indica! Peace and love!

  35. Ethan Gilroy

    I found Grape Pie to be relaxing. It makes me feel happy and euphoric. I also deal with anxiety and I found to be quite helpful in settling it. I find it to be ideal for evening use as I can take a snooze if I feel like.

  36. Natasha Ewing

    It makes me feel Happy, uplifted, and relaxed at the same time! Perfect dope evening use!

  37. Evie Slapoffski

    My favorite pot ever! It leaves me relaxed without sending me to sleep. I have some knee injury that is causing real pain, but this weed eased it. I also found it to relieve stress. I would recommend it for anyone seeking an early evening weed.

  38. Connor Elias

    I am prone to social anxiety and paranoia but I found this pot to be the treat I needed. I can now be confident and talk like never before when I am high. It gives me a euphoric feel whenever I smoke it, and I find it to be more of an evening pot when I want to relax. Lately, I have been experiencing trouble sleeping and I can assure you that after a puff of this dope, I drift to sleep within no time.

  39. Sophia Veale

    This dope offers you only good vibes. It instantly takes you from your everyday drag to an uplifted and happy mood. It allows me to relax and unwind after a long day. It has an intoxicating high just as its flavor. As it kicks in the body, you are left completely at ease with everything around you. Surprisingly, it only relaxes you without making you feel sleepy or over sedated. It gives me the perfect moment to be just me and do my thing.

  40. Zane Priestley

    I am a medical marijuana user and I can say that this weed is my everyday go-to pot. I have anxiety and depression problems and whenever I take a vape of this dope I am left feeling better. I can concentrate on things around me and even sleep well.

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