Northern Light x Shiva Ferminized


Flowering time after (days): 42-50
Height in cm: 100-130 cm
Type: Feminized seeds
Climat Temperature / Continental
Sativa / Indica Mostly Indica
Number of seeds _

Northern Light x Shiva seeds USA

Northern Light x Shiva seeds USA

This is basically a medium height cannabis hybrid which also has a great look as well as sweet smell.  It has a mold and disease resistance properties. 

So that, Northern Light x Shiva strains is often utilized among the people due to medicinal purposes. It can help to get relief from all kinds of pain, sleeplessness or anxiety. The buds of this plant are covered with a gorgeous layer of shiny crystals and due to its tightness the buds get a beautiful fluffy look. Not only that buds can produce a fresh and sweet smell that may fill the surrounding air. When the buds are properly dried the smell will keep its sweetness that only gets stronger through the process.

If you smoke the buds Smoking you can get a sweet smell with a delicate flavor of hash, due to this reason Northern Light x Shiva gets huge popularity nowadays. You can get a high feeling with a great body buzz, after a few smoking hits. Northern Lights x Shiva seeds are actually a breed of Afghanistan’s Northern Lights from and Shiva from Himalayas, which is creating an excellent sweet bud with abundant THC. 

Provide You the Very Best of Shiva and Northern Lights

The parents of this high-quality cannabis seed are top quality hash-foaming marijuana plant, originate from their respective nations. With a great as well as an exotic aroma, Northern Light x Shiva, which is known as a timeless classic hybrid of marijuana is comparatively easy to cultivate. That’s why it can preserve all good characteristics from of  its parents. This is its additional advantage that in the booming period, it retain a sweet but strong aroma. 

Highly Resistant to Molds

This is basically a feminized strain which can grow to medium height plant with high ratio of flower to leaf, which giving it a promising and great appearance. Due to its strong disease and mold resistance properties, it has some of the medicinal uses, that are why cultivator does not want to fail to cultivate it. 

Its Buds Produce Shiny Crystals

In all most all of this cannabis hybrid, the buds are strong, dense, quite big and also solid, that is totally covered with an attractive layer of shiny crystals. That’s why it can get a gorgeous look and the denseness and firmness by which these are packed provide them a beautiful fluffy appearance. As the buds grow, it can radiate a fresh, sweet and elegant aroma, which can fill up the air around when blooming.

When smoked, the smoke is spicier than the Northern Light, which has a big strong body high and more compound but sweet flavor. The overall effect is quite energetic and livelier rather than being devastating!

 The taste of this marijuana strain is fresh and sweet with a delicate harsh flavor, which is the prime highlight of this strain.  . .......


10 seeds, 20 seeds


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